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    • Inside Job

      December 11, 2019

      Our crews are now working in comfort on the North Shuswap, as we move into interior finishing at an extensive update of a lakefront home.

      We worked hard to get locked up on this project before winter weather arrived, and our efforts paid off, as snow and freezing temperatures have once again become our reality. The finishing touch was the installation of the front door and the metal-clad Loewen windows. Safe from the elements, we were able to proceed with insulation, which has been wrapped up. In turn, that’s allowed us to move into the drywall stage, and the entire home has now been boarded, and taping and finishing are now underway.

      This project began with demolition of much of the existing structure, followed by framing of new walls and a new upper floor loft. The finished home will be beautiful, with plenty of the original structure’s charm on display along with all the modern touches, conveniences and efficiencies of new construction. The owners will be enjoying their new home and its beautiful views over the lake by spring.

    • The Devil is in the Details

      December 05, 2019

      It's almost a wrap on the North Shore, where we're putting the final touches on a stunning West Coast home for its new owners.

      This is the phase of a project where the devil truly is in the details -- we go through our lists and work diligently to complete all those little details and luxury items that truly make a house a home.

      In this case, we've been working hard to install the interior stair railing, complete the most amazing custom heat registers, and install the fireplace and commission it. We even had the great pleasure of installing our first ever Tesla Powerwall -- Elon Musk's phenomenal home battery that is great fit for many parts of the Shuswap, as it can provide whole home backup power during one of area's winter storm blackouts (see final photo below).

      We have booked an occupancy inspection with the Columbia Shuswap Regional District for December 14th, and we're confident that, with the details looked after, we'll be able to hand over the keys to the new owners just in time for Christmas.

    • House on the Hill

      December 01, 2019

      Here’s an update on our MacArthur Heights project – a stunning west coast home with incredible views west over Copper Island and the Shuswap. We’re into the finishing stages, with work progressing extremely well.

      During the past week, the cabinet installations were completed, which has allowed us to move forward with quartz countertop templating. We’ve also had two of our finishing carpenters onsite, installing and trimming all the interior doors, and lining and casing the windows. Working right behind them are our painters, who are finishing priming, filling and spray painting trim, along with finishing walls.

      Tile is also well underway, with two tilers onsite. The hardwood floor install is now scheduled in about two weeks time. Once that’s complete, we’ll have our cabinet installers back to complete and install kicks. Then the quartz countertops will be installed, and our plumbers will be back to start final installs.

      Outside, we’re in the process of completing our siding and other finishing touches.

      Our crews are enjoying the views as they work to bring this beautiful home to completion on schedule.

    • Traditional Beauty with Views

      November 26, 2019

      Here’s an update on a project we started last year in the Cedar Heights subdivision of Blind Bay. Our owners, who are from the Lower Mainland, hired us to build their dream home which, in their case, was a traditional log home with an array of green features, including a geothermal heating system. We’ve been working steadily on the home, which offers stunning views of Copper Island and the Shuswap Lake.

      This ambitious project has had a few delays, as it has required the clients to make a significant number of choices and changes along the way. For example, we’re currently waiting for final paint colour selections for the interior. We’re doing our best to adjust our schedules as we work together to finalize these important choices, which can be difficult without the guidance of a professional interior designer.

      With the exception of deck railing and some upper deck fascia, all exterior siding is complete, chinked and stained. European gutters have been installed and chain downspouts are scheduled for install. Top mounted rail-less glass deck railing is also scheduled for install. The overhead garage door has been ordered, and we’re waiting for painting to complete prior to install. The Septic tank and field are also complete. We’re currently helping our clients arrange for landscapers for a rock retaining wall and other areas.

      Inside, our staff and trades are completely comfortable, as the all-floor radiant heat is now active. On the upper floor, we’re currently installing the stained tongue and groove panelling. The Sun room beams and wall finishing are underway. Fir doors and trims have been ordered and will be stained on site. Construction of the custom-stained wood staircase is well underway. Cabinet materials have been selected, but installation is on hold pending paint colour choices.

      This home also features a dumbwaiter, which has been installed for three floors, and can be used for firewood, laundry or snacks. The sauna rough in is complete and ready for final install. And masonry material has been ordered for interior fireplaces and exterior posts.

      Watch for more updates over the next few months.

    • Endless Views...

      November 21, 2019

      High up in MacArthur Heights, overlooking Copper Island and the Shuswap Lake, is this stunning project which we’re now moving into the finishing stages. Needless to say, the views from this West Coast home will be absolutely jaw-dropping for our clients.

      Outside, the 24-gauge standing seam metal roof with snow stops (critical in our part of the province) is now complete. As you can see from the photo below, the siding and trims are underway. HardiePlank horizontal lap siding in Timber Bark will be completed with SmartSide Trim at the corners and windows and SmartSide panels on select areas. The front posts and beams, along with the upper deck post and beam, will be clad in stained cedar. Aluminum soffiting is now complete under the lower deck, with upgraded Lux Fir metal soffit underway on upper deck. The upper and lower and decks are both finished in concrete, which has been placed and finished.

      Inside, drywall taping has been wrapped up. Commercial dehumidifiers and furnace heat are operating to reduce drywall mud moisture and improve drywall shrinking and cracking. Napoleon LHD45NSB Linear Direct Vent Zero Clearance fireplaces have been installed. Closet finishing and interior door installation will soon be underway. The interior staircase has been measured and materials ordered. Painting, cabinet installation, and flooring are all either started or will start prior to the end of November.

      The entire project is coming along beautifully, thanks in large part to our clients from the Lower Mainland – they have been fantastic to work with and are currently renting in the Shuswap awaiting their February delivery. We are doing our best to accelerate the schedule since the three of them are curently living in tight quarters!

    • A Safe Place for Toys

      November 12, 2019

      We’ve just wrapped up a garage/storage project in Celista weeks ahead of schedule, allowing our clients from Calgary to put their boat and other summer toys to bed without worrying about winter or theft.

      As far as storage buildings go, this one is a beauty. Twelve foot ceilings make it a breeze to back in boat and trailer, and we also installed a drop down extension ladder which allows access to the custom-designed attic storage. As you can see from the photos, the interior walls were sheeted with good one side (G1S) plywood to allow for installation of shelving and equipment attachments while minimizing wall damage that’s inevitable with drywall. The doors also trimmed in G1S for easier maintenance

      Outside, this building's durable finishing will easily fend off the elements. A metal roofing with snowguards will provide decades of protection. Roof gutter guards were also installed to prevent clogging from overhead tree debris (there are lots of Douglas Fir trees on site).

      Garage exterior keypad access has been provided for friends, although there’s also a locking man door is provided on the side.

      The entire project is just waiting for the our clients’ landscape finishing touches.

      We squeezed this project into our busy summer schedule, and are happy we could do so. Our thanks to our wonderful clients, who are entirely appreciative of our efforts, along with our staff and many sub-trades who also worked hard to fit the project in and complete it on schedule.

    • Breaking Ground in Blind Bay

      November 07, 2019

      Out with the old, and in with the new.

      That’s the story at our latest project, a complete teardown of an existing lakefront family cabin followed by construction of a brand new custom home.

      Our clients, who are currently living and working in the USA, have hired us to build this beautiful craftsman-styled walkout on their property. They’ve selected an American plan that has been tweaked to meet the BC Building Code and our local building practices. It’s a lot of home on a small footprint, with 1254 square feet on each of the two levels.

      The project is not without its challenges: fitting the new house onto the relatively small lot, allowing for lake views while providing vehicle access up a steep driveway and future RV parking, and designing the septic system for gravity feed below the basement on the lake side between the house and Riparian setback.

      Most of the challenges are already overcome. We have received the regional district’s Lake Development Permit necessary for construction, and we also have an approved septic design and location. As soon as we receive our building permit confirmation, we’ll be getting down to the business of excavation and forming the foundation.

      Watch for more updates on this exciting project throughout the fall and winter.

    • We Love Our New Offices!

      November 04, 2019

      For the past ten years or so, Copper Island Fine Homes offices have occupied the lower part of owners Greg and Tracy Vistisen’s home in MacArthur Heights. Over the years, more and more staff have been hired to help manage and administer the growing business. Ultimately, something had to give.

      "When we designed our home, we created a large amount of space on the lower level to provide room for our staff," explains Greg Vistisen, President and CEO. "But a lot has changed over the years – the number of new builds and renovations that we’ve taken on every year has increased exponentially, and the size and scale of our projects has also increased as we’ve become the custom builder of choice in our area. Last year, we began to realize that our administration staff had grown to a level where it just wasn’t feasible to provide a healthy work environment in our own home anymore."

      The problem was exacerbated by the company’s need to hire a qualified general manager to oversee multiple projects in the field. When filled, the position will also require a generous office.

      The Copper Island solution was to purchase a home centrally located in Blind Bay earlier this year. Located in Shuswap Lake Estates with views to the water, the home offered a lower floor that could easily be converted into a spacious suite of offices for staff, including a consultation area for clients to view finishing selections and work with the company’s designer, and also a boardroom that can accommodate company and staff meetings and provide a place to work with our sub-trades.

      Perhaps the best part, however, is that the entire upper floor has been developed into a high quality, ultra-comfortable rental space specifically intended for clients who are moving here from other areas.

      “The majority of our clients are relocating to the Shuswap from the Lower Mainland or Alberta, and it’s difficult for them to find accommodation that allows them to be here and play a larger role in their building or renovation project,” says Vistisen. “This provides a perfect solution, as it’s a beautiful, private suite that can become a temporary home for our clients. It’s just another way that we’re committed to offering turnkey service for our valued customers.”

      The new office is located at 2479 Marine Place, Blind Bay, V0E 1H1. The phone number remains the same: 250.675.3701. Hours of operations are 8:30 to 4:30, Monday through Friday.

      The Vistisen home at 3658 McBride Road will now serve as one of the company’s showhomes for prospective customers – please don’t hesitate to cruise by for an exterior look, or contact the new office to make an appointment to see the interior.

    • Beat the Clock

      October 31, 2019

      Here at Copper Island Fine Homes, we strive to keep to a schedule and deliver a project on time. But once in a while, the stars align and we actually get a project done well ahead of schedule. That's what we're working towards with a project in Celista -- an extensive update of an existing waterfront home that began with demolition of much of the existing structure, followed by framing of new walls and a new upper floor loft.

      Thanks to hard work, perseverance and dedication from our staff and sub-trades, we're actually about three weeks ahead of schedule on the project. Roofing has been completed, and the entire home is now protected from the elements. The only thing preventing it from being watertight is installation of the metal-clad Loewen windows, but we delayed those on purpose -- shipping in two weeks with exterior doors will save our clients, who are from Alberta, almost $1,000.

      Plumbing and HVAC rough-in is now finished, and electrical rough-in is nearing completion, as is back framing for HVAC duct drops and cabinet backing. Security rough-in, insulation and drywall are now scheduled. We opted for upgraded engineered LVL stringers for the main stairway, instead of dimensional lumber -- this adds extra strength, reduced shrinkage and less chance of squeaks developing over time.

      Pangea Ledgestone cultured stone is now on site and awaiting fireplace chimney chase framing completion. A Rumford Renaissance 100 woodburning fireplace has been ordered and scheduled for install, along with a Marquis Bentley gas fireplace for the lower floor.

      It's truly a wonderful feeling when we get to this stage well ahead of any inclement weather, which we all know is possible at any time during this season in the Shuswap.

    • Finish Line In Sight

      October 25, 2019

      We're wrapping things up with a stunning North Shore westcoast-style home, right on schedule.

      Outside, over the last few weeks, we've recently installed garage doors, siding, soffits, gutters, decking, masonry and concrete sidewalks and decks. We've also just completed face-mounted railess glass on the deck, which doesn't intrude on the home's beautiful views of the Shuswap Lake. Mirage deck screens have been measured and are on order -- once installed, the decks will be complete. Septic tank and field installations are finished, along with the driveway and natural stone retaining walls.

      Inside, maple shaker cabinets have been installed. Hanstone Specchio countertops have been templated and we're ready for installation next week. Beautiful seven-inch engineered hardwood flooring is now being installed after proper acclimation. Bedroom carpets have also been installed, and in the bathrooms, radiant heat has been installed along with tile. Finishing trims have been racked and spray-painted; they're now ready for install after flooring is complete. Light fixtures are now onsite and electrical finishing will begin soon.

      On the lower level, we've completed the polished concrete floor with grey stain and tile patterns.

      Initial wall prime and painting is complete, and our painters are now waiting to do final touch ups after finishing trim installs have been completed. The stairway between the two levels has been complete, and features custom-stained oak posts, steel post supports, Bezdan stainless brackets, and polished edge glass panels.

      This beautiful home will be delivered to its clients at the end of November.