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    • A Safe Place for Toys

      November 12, 2019

      We’ve just wrapped up a garage/storage project in Celista weeks ahead of schedule, allowing our clients from Calgary to put their boat and other summer toys to bed without worrying about winter or theft.

      As far as storage buildings go, this one is a beauty. Twelve foot ceilings make it a breeze to back in boat and trailer, and we also installed a drop down extension ladder which allows access to the custom-designed attic storage. As you can see from the photos, the interior walls were sheeted with good one side (G1S) plywood to allow for installation of shelving and equipment attachments while minimizing wall damage that’s inevitable with drywall. The doors also trimmed in G1S for easier maintenance

      Outside, this building's durable finishing will easily fend off the elements. A metal roofing with snowguards will provide decades of protection. Roof gutter guards were also installed to prevent clogging from overhead tree debris (there are lots of Douglas Fir trees on site).

      Garage exterior keypad access has been provided for friends, although there’s also a locking man door is provided on the side.

      The entire project is just waiting for the our clients’ landscape finishing touches.

      We squeezed this project into our busy summer schedule, and are happy we could do so. Our thanks to our wonderful clients, who are entirely appreciative of our efforts, along with our staff and many sub-trades who also worked hard to fit the project in and complete it on schedule.