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    • The Show Goes On...

      January 06, 2020
      Even in the dead of winter, construction marches on here in the Shuswap.

      Building at this time of the year requires taking the proper precautions, a flexible schedule, and tenacity. But it's not impossible, and in some ways, there are advantages -- for example, we expect that our trusted sub-trades will have a plenty of time in their own schedules at the point in spring when we need them to begin roughing in this new start on Eagle Bay Road.

      We managed to pour the foundation of this beautiful lakeview walkout rancher just before Christmas. To offset any potential problems with freezing weather, we left the forms on over the holidays, and wrapped the entire foundation with insulated blankets to retain the heat necessary to cure the concrete at an ideal temperature.

      We just stripped the foundation in the past couple of days, and we were please -- but not surprised -- to find it had cured beautifully. We're now ready for framing to begin, and we'll post some more progress updates and details in the next few weeks.