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    • West Coast Wrapup

      January 10, 2020

      Here’s an update of a project that we started last summer.

      The West Coast style home is perched high up in MacArthur Heights. Our clients purchased the lot believing that their final product would offer stunning views west over Copper Island and the Shuswap Lake, and our staff and sub-trades who have been working in the home can confirm that the vistas are indeed spectacular.

      We have just over one month to complete this beautiful home, which is due to be handed over to our clients on February 14th. We are in an excellent position to finish on or ahead of schedule, thanks to the diligence of our clients in making critical finishing decisions well in advance of when they have been needed, and also our staff and trades.

      All the flooring, with the exception of tile, is now complete throughout the home. The tiling is well underway, granite countertops and sinks have been installed, as has all trim. Our plumbers just started their final installs, and electrical finishing is up next. Appliances arrive on January 21st.

      Outside, exterior finishing is complete, including the final stages of the stonework.

      Our thanks to our clients for choosing us to build their Shuswap dream!