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    • Sicamous: Extending Our Range!

      January 31, 2020

      We’ve had the opportunity to take on projects in Sicamous over the years, but it’s only recently that we’ve been confident in our capacity to work that far afield. We needed to establish working relationships with top quality trades, ensure construction systems are in place to work from a distance, and have the office and field staff to cover the additional workload.

      All that is now in place, and so we’re happy to be taking on our first client in Sicamous—a businessman from Calgary who sought us out after having heard of our reputation to deliver with quality workmanship.

      The project involves removing an existing garage foundation and replacing it with a larger foundation and rental cabin, with RV storage and laundry facilities below. The cabin is part of an existing multi-unit resort that was purchased by our client.

      We received our plans and designs in late August, but we’ve only just received development permit approval, after approximately five months after relentless work by our team: securing an over-height permit, an extensive site survey, a landscaping buffer plan at highway, permission to log for onsite water well, a highway access permit, structural engineering approvals, proof of corporate directorship, septic design confirmation, riparian water course confirmation, and water rights confirmation.

      We’re now waiting only for building permit issuance, which is due to arrive any day. Our excavator and foundation crew are standing by, and fortunately, the weather has smartened up. Needless to say, after such an extensive delay, we’re exploring all avenues to bring this project back in schedule.

      A big shoutout to truss designer Andy Andreasen at Salmon Arm Truss, who did the roof design for the original structure and adjusted it for us to suit our client's needs. Andy responded to our request to quickly do the work last Fall when we were attempting to start construction as soon as possible.

      The cabin will feature a 945 SF lower floor and a 945 SF main floor, and over-height garage bays for RV storage. The driveway be placed lower down into the grade between five foot retaining walls, also necessary to accommodate the RV storage. Landscaping and paver walkways will also be matched to the design of the existing resort.

      We’re looking forward to our first project start in Sicamous and offering our services to those who need them in the area and throughout the Shuswap.