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    • Keep It Clean!

      May 18, 2020

      Call us obsessive, call us whatever you want—but we’ve always like our job sites clean, and that’s the way it’s going to stay.

      We believe a clean job site is a safe job site. We also believe cleanliness leads to less mistakes, greater efficiency, and better cost control. We also believe it’s just good business practice. So regardless of whether it’s inside or outside at one of our projects, our staff are committed to keeping things neat and tidy. Of course, it’s not always possible to keep things clean in the middle of a specific task or phase of construction, but as soon as it’s possible, we get things back in order pretty quick.

      Case in point: one of our current projects in MacArthur Heights, being overseen by the master of clean, Project Manager Dean Friesen. The photos below show this stunning home at its current stage—insulation is just underway as this is being written.

      Progress to date includes completed septic system and field, and all mechanical systems have been installed—interestingly, this included our first ever “virtual” electrical walk-through with our clients, which went extremely well.

      Our drywall crew is standing by, waiting for insulation to wrap up. Outside, soffits and gutters are currently being installed.

      Siding, kitchen cabinets, flooring, overhead door, and light fixtures have all been ordered. Our clients are truly on top of their decisions and purchases, which makes our jobs that much easier. They’re excited to get into their home ahead of schedule, in time to enjoy the late summer and early fall from their west-facing water view deck. And you can be sure it will be thoroughly cleaned before we hand over the keys!

      More details to come in the weeks ahead.