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    • Turtle Valley Check-in

      July 28, 2020

      Our first ever project west of Chase – a custom two story in Turtle Valley – is moving along nicely.

      As shown in the photos below, the foundation has been completed, and underground plumbing services have been installed and pressure tested. That’s allowed to us also complete the backfill and site compaction. Services have also been installed for septic and future hydro connections.

      We took no chances about radon gas, and finished the crawlspace with 6 mil UV poly with taped seams on top of radon rock. That leaves us ready for the basement slab pour and finish, which we’ll do alongside the garage slab pour and finish.

      Our framer for this project has been delayed on other job until mid-August. We’re confident, however, that we’ll have no problem making up time as we start and getting back on schedule.

      One of the many challenges of this rural property is no immediate or easy access to BC Hyrdro services. Our clients continue to assess the advantages of paying for necessary hydro upgrades versus installation of a 100 percent solar system.

      Looking forward, we’ve planned well: windows, doors, floor joists, roof trusses, and roofing materials have all been confirmed and ordered. Our clients are ahead of the curve with their critical choices and have selected fireplace, decking material, overhead door and other items well in advance.

      We’re looking forward to dry weather conditions for framing in August, with completion scheduled for the first week in September. Watch for more updates.