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    • Tear Down....Build Up!

      January 05, 2021

      Sometimes we think we're in the demolition business! A growing number of our projects involve teardowns of older homes around the Shuswap, followed by a modern new home build. And the majority of these extensive projects are located on lakefront lots, which is the case for this new one we're now fully immersed in, in the North Shore community of Scotch Creek.

      The images below give you a great idea of what we're going to be doing. The existing structure, a single level cabin that's undoubtedly helped create some amazing holiday memories in its time, will soon be levelled to make way for the stunning two story home that you see in the conceptual drawings beneath the photo. At some point later this year, we'll proudly hand over the finished project to the owners so they can move forward with creating a entire new set of memories on the property, in somewhat more luxurious surroundings. Interestingly, the project is right next door to a similar one that we completed a few years ago for their neighbours.

      These are challenging yet highly rewarding projects for us. We work hand in hand with the home owners every step of the way, using our extensive experience to help them secure all necessary assessments and permitting for demolition, septic systems, riparian, and new home construction. It's a bit of a juggling act, but we've been through it successfully many times.

      All permits are now in place for this project, and we'll be immediately moving forward with a safe and efficient tear down, followed by our award-winning new home construction. Check back to see our progress on this exciting new project. Our thanks to the home owners for entrusting us with their updated Shuswap dream!