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    • We're Cleaning House!

      January 08, 2021

      Literally. In fact, we're always cleaning our under-construction homes. Here at Copper Island Fine Homes, a clean construction site is critically important -- for safety, for worker moral, for accuracy and quality, and just because it's the right thing to do.

      We obviously can't guarantee that all of our worksites always look like the photos below, which were taken yesterday at one of our current projects, a stunning West Coast style home on the lake shore in Eagle Bay. Construction is a messy business, and sometimes work takes precedence over neat and tidy. But we're always striving to keep our projects this clean, and encouraging our staff and sub-trades to clean up after themselves so that the next trades who come along don't have to deal with a mess.

      The home was cleaned by our father and daughter Project Supervisors, Dean and Heidi Friesen. The timing was perfect, as the spotless house was ready for our cabinet company to come and mark out all cabinet locations yesterday. And the clean site is being greatly appreciated by our plumbers, who arrived on site this morning to start their plumbing rough in.

      A week from today, Heidi and our electricians will be doing a virtual electrical walk-through with our clients using FaceTime. In preparation for the meeting, we fully expect the home to look very similar as it does in the photos below!