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    • Trussed Up

      January 26, 2021

      When it comes to framing a house, almost every component is cut and built onsite. But there’s one exception to that rule: roof trusses, which we always leave in the hands of the qualified experts at Kamloops Truss.

      It’s absolutely essential that trusses are built in a facility like Kamloops Truss under the watchful eye of qualified designers and structural engineers. In short, trusses are devices that transfer heavy weight loads from where you don’t want them to where you do. A roof truss designer or engineer works with the house plans to create a structure that takes the weight of the roof, plus the maximum amount of snow that can fall in our area during an extreme weather event, and transfers it out into the load-bearing walls of your house. From there, the load is transferred to the foundation and footings, and ultimately, the stable ground underneath the home.

      What makes a truss different from other structures in the house is the clever and efficient way they carry the load. Trusses are actually very lightweight (and often look flimsy), but by making use of the inherent rigid geometry of triangles, they are incredibly strong.

      Imagine you have a set of popsicle sticks. If you connect three sticks together in a triangle, you get a structure that stays rigid even if you don’t tighten the bolts or screws holding it together. But a square made with four sticks will turn into a rhombus and flatten when you push on it, no matter how tight the bolts or screws are. So if you want to make an entire structure that’s rigid regardless of the rigidity of its connections, you start with a triangle and build onto it by adding more triangles. That, essentially, is a roof truss.

      Last week, Copper Island General Manager Marcus Picton and Project Supervisor Dean Friesen took a tour of the Kamloops Truss production facility. In the top photo below, you can see an excellent example of a flat roof truss and how triangles are used throughout its construction.

      Our thanks to the staff and management for taking the time to show us your impressive operation!