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    • Baby, it's cold outside!

      February 12, 2021

      It doesn't happen often. But sometimes, you just don't have a choice.

      This week, we had to shut down three of our job sites, including the new build in Scotch Creek that's shown in the photo below. Why? The answer, if you look at the photo close enough to see the steam fog rising off the lake in front of Copper Island, is obvious: it's just been too cold for our crews to work safely. The photo was taken this past Tuesday with the thermometer dipping to -17 C. Cold temperatures are one thing, but when you combine them with high wind chills, the result is too high of a risk for frostbite. And of course, tools also don't work well when it gets this chilly.

      Fortunately, the forecast is for significant easing of the cold snap over the next week. In fact, according to Environment Canada, we could be into the plus side of the thermometer by Wednesday. The lumber package for this particular job will be delivered next week, and our framers will be on the job as soon as it's viable.

      Until then, stay warm!