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    • Lumber Ready

      February 27, 2021
      We're ready for framing at one of our 2021 signature projects, a brand new lakefront build in Scotch Creek that will provide the new owners with gorgeous views of Copper Island. The foundation you see in the photos below was mono-poured -- that is, the footings and walls were poured at the same time. Needless to say, combining the two steps required additional preparation, but ultimately saved us time and resulted in a superb, strong foundation to build on.

      In the photos below, you can see that we've backfilled the basement portion of the foundation with stone (the garage has been backfilled with sand). The reason? This is the method we have been using for years. We believe that there simply is no better backfill material (and our engineers agree). It's extremely easy to place and level, and it's virtually self-compacting. Compared to using gravel (or, as builders shamelessly used to use in this area, the native soil from the excavation), it's also a breeze for our plumbers and electricians to lay in their underslab surfaces. And needless to say, nothing drains better while providing the most stable platform for the concrete slab that will eventually poured above it.

      In the coming weeks, we'll provide some updates as the framing work gets underway.