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    • Turtle Valley Wrap Up

      March 20, 2021

      As we break ground for new builds at multiple sites, several of our projects are coming to a conclusion. One of those is a custom two story country home that we've been building in Turtle Valley. The home, which we're preparing to hand over to its new owners this week, marks the first time we've built west of the Shuswap Lake.

      This beautiful home, built for a family relocating from the Lower Mainland, gave us some unique challenges -- for example, we had to build it without hydro on site. Given the rural location, the cost to bring in a BC Hydro connection was prohibitive, and the owners made a decision to power the home with renewable sources including a solar array that provides the main source of electricity. During construction, we relied on generators and, once installed, the solar array, to provide our power.

      Here are some interior photos of the nearly finished project. We're still in the final stages of finishing and cleaning, so that's why you see the floor protection still in place. We're hoping to get some finished and staged photos later this week. Our thanks to our staff and sub-trades who worked so hard to bring this to completion, and to the new owners, who entrusted us with building their Shuswap dream.