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    • St. Ives Timber Frame

      March 27, 2021

      Progress is steady at one of our new builds in St. Ives on the North Shore—a stunning timber frame home on the lakeshore.

      We thought we’d showcase some of the intricacies of timber frame builds. In portions of this home, the roof is constructed with tongue and groove (T&G) lumber on top of the roof beams. The underside of the T&G, as you can see in the photos below, becomes an incredibly beautiful finished ceiling in these cathedral parts of the home.

      Meanwhile, on the top or outer side, we do things in what seems at first to be an unorthodox order. First, the electrical rough-in wiring gets installed, typically with channels routered into the T&G. Once that’s done, a waterproof membrane, which also acts as a vapour barrier, is applied over the T&G. And once that’s on, we can proceed with cellular foam insulation on top of the membrane, which is ultimately covered with the roofing material itself.

      All of this means that we’re ending up with a completely finished ceiling in certain portions of the home—well before drywall is installed in the rest of the house. And obviously, that means we have to be careful with the rest of our work from this point onwards, so that these beautiful ceilings aren’t damaged in the process.

      As you can see in the photos, our windows have been delivered and installed, underground plumbing has been completed, and the basement slab has been prepped and poured. As well, our roofers have been working on sealing up the roof in between the days of rain that we’ve had.

      Watch for future updates as we move into the finishing stages of this home.