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    • Timber Frame Takes Shape

      May 03, 2021

      Another week has passed, with steady progress continuing in St. Ives with our stunning timber frame project.

      The photos below highlight some of the most recent work we've completed. On the left, you can see the huge deck located on the lake side. We've now finished the vinyl decking on this expansive deck, which is sure to provide our new owners with incredible outdoor space to enjoy the water views from when the home is completed later this year. Take note of how we've removed all windows and doors prior to installation -- this allows us to achieve excellent waterproofing, as the vinyl is carefully wrapped up and under all openings.

      On the right, you can see that we've also just poured the concrete slab in the oversized garage. Our finishers did their usual magic with the slab -- polishing it perfectly with the power trowel before cutting expansion joints and sealing.

      After some initial bureaucratic delays held up this project from getting underway, it's now been smooth sailing for months, and we're getting closer to beginning our finishing stages. Drywall is up next, followed by painting and flooring. We'll look forward to showing you more photos from this gorgeous home in the weeks ahead.