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    • Digging It In MacArthur Heights

      May 15, 2021

      It's another fresh start for us in MacArthur Heights, as we are clearing to make way for a stunning 3,600 square foot custom build for new clients.

      This home will have spectacular sunset views looking west over the Shuswap Lake and the mountains beyond. Naturally, the home includes expansive decks to take advantage of the views and provide spacious outdoor living space in the warmer months.

      Working closely with our clients, we've made some 11th hour changes to the plan. The initial design and location on the steeply-sloped lot required extensive engineered backfilling, with associated costs expected to be in the region of $100K. The solution was to redesign the house to reduce the width, and the garage was also reconfigured on an angle. Together, these changes are allowing us to move the house further across the site, away from the steepest slope.

      Another interesting change is that we made a decision to build a full ICF (insulated concrete form) basement. This energy-efficient change normally represents a significant upcharge, but it turns out that, due to the spike in lumber prices, the difference in cost is negligible--and our clients will enjoy the energy efficiency and comfort of a home that's much better insulated than one with a standard concrete foundation.

      Below you can see one of our primary excavation sub-contractors, George Doyle of D&L Backhoe, cleaning the lot up in preparation for surveying and excavation. And underneath that photo, you can also see the main floor layout. More updates from this spectacular new build are coming soon.