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    • Keeping It Clean!

      June 14, 2021

      Some people might think we're a little OCD when it comes to clean job sites. But the reality for us is that, when we hand over a finished home to clients, it has to be immaculate -- eat off the floor immaculate. What we've learned over the years is that keeping a job site clean throughout the various stages of construction means that it's that much easier and efficient to do our final clean when the time comes to turn over the keys. We can't guarantee that all of our job sites are always spic and span, but we take cleanliness pretty seriously.

      Not surprisingly, we love working with sub-trades who embrace the same philosophy -- case in point, Ken Smyth of Ken's Drywall, who we sub the majority of our drywall work on the Shuswap North Shore too. The photos below were taken this past week at our beautiful timberframe project on the lakefront in St. Ives. As you can see, Ken takes things to the next level when it comes to keeping the concrete and wood subfloors clean and protected throughout the drywall process, which can be pretty messy (think dust, drywall mud, etc.). Before any board is loaded into a project, he covers every inch of the floor (plywood on the main floors, and concrete in the basements). He does this because it greatly simplifies the process of cleaning up after himself when taping is completed. But the benefits extend throughout the remainder of the construction process -- for example, it minimizes the prep time for the floor installers.

      Our thanks to Ken for keeping it clean -- and for doing great drywall work. Look for future updates on this stunning home, as we now move into the finishing stages, with an eye to completing it by late this summer.