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    • Throwing Stones

      November 06, 2021

      You've all heard the old expression, "People living in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." Well, that may be true. But here at Copper Island Fine Homes, we also believe that people building houses should throw stones.

      More and more, we find ourselves using stone slinging trucks to place crushed rock and other stone products, particularly as backfill inside of completed foundations. It's all about efficiency.  Stone slinger units allow a load of material to be placed quickly and accurately. They employ a conveyor belt which operates at high speeds to "sling" material into hard-to-access areas with precision. 

      The photo below was taken at our new project on Golf Course Drive in Shuswap Lake Estates. This truck, provided by Norwest Pumping Inc. of Kamloops, filled our entire 2,200 square foot foundation in just a few minutes. This is important when time is of the essence, and while the cost per hour for these trucks is higher than a standard gravel truck, they're able to place material so efficiently that we seldom need to spend any costly machine time grading the material after completion.

      Since the photo was taken, we've formed the foundation walls for the crawlspace of this beautiful rancher. We'll be moving into framing as soon as possible, with the goal of getting locked up before we get any serious winter weather. More details coming soon.