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    • Supply Chain Workarounds

      November 18, 2021

      Here in the Shuswap, we've been dealing with supply chain issues for the past year. Like many other industries, the construction business has been hard hit with material shortages and shipping delays. This week, with BC's catastrophic flooding, we believe these problems will only get worse. And that means we have to step up our creativitity in order to arrive at workable solutions.

      Here's a great example with one of our current projects, a stunning lakefront timberframe home that we're building in Eagle Bay. Supply chain disruptions and other issues have already pushed back our completion date of this home by approximately two months. In an effort to keep things rolling, we took an unusual step. With our window manufacturers/suppliers experiencing their own critical delays and being unable to provide the windows for this home on schedule, we opted to board up all window and door openings with plywood (see top photo below).

      This allowed us to let one of our most trusted subtrades, Web Insulation from Salmon Arm, to move into the job site (see bottom photo below). Derek and Darcy Web, who took over the business from their father Wayne several years ago, are on the job this week, installing insulation and vapour barrier. Once completed, insulation will allow us to keep precious heat inside the home, just as winter knocks on the door. In turn, being able to keep heat inside will allow our drywall crews to follow immediately after. In fact, we expect drywall and preliminary painting to be completed by the time the windows arrive near the end of January.

      For the foreseeable future, we expect more of these types of delays, so we'll continue to keep our creative caps on as we work to keep our projects on time and on track.