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    • Flexibility Required

      January 28, 2022

      In December, we told you about how we’re finding creative ways to work around supply chain issues that are making it challenging to maintain critical schedules in the building process. In particular, we told you about one of our current projects, a beautiful beachfront timberframe home in Eagle Bay. This home has many custom finishes, and it’s often securing those types of specialty finishes and products that have been impacted greatly with supply chain disruptions.

      With this home, the custom windows turned out to be a major problem – despite ordering well in advance, we had significant delays getting them shipped onsite. Our solution was to board up all window and door openings with poly and plywood in order to heat the interior, so that we could move forward with insulation, drywall and painting.

      When our windows finally arrived last week, we were standing by, reading to the install them. In the photo below, you can see the home new looking sharp with the windows now in place, and some of the exterior finishing started.

      Tile work and interior rock work is now underway. Currently, we have exposed beams being installed in the living room ceiling. Our painters have completed preliminary coats and are on standby for when all the doors and trim are installed. Flooring is lined up for the third week in February. Cabinets will follow at the beginning of March. We have a tight schedule on this house but are doing everything we can to stay on top of it.

      This year, we definitely expect more of these types of delays, but we’ll continue to find flexible solutions as we work to keep our projects on schedule.